Who We Are

ALNG Logistics, a Logrus Global company, was established in 2009 as a Moscow based privately owned independent freight forwarder with a developed international and domestic agency network.

The founders have spent most of their working career in the international forwarding industry holding significant positions in various companies. On establishing their own freight forwarding company they focus on those aspects of the business that they felt had been lost with the larger organizations, namely customer service and communication

The company offers all aspects of logistics by air, sea, road and rail via Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok

Our strength is understanding Russian import regulations which enables us to offer advice to importers on all customs related matters: Duty Rates, Preferences, Licensing, Quota Requirements, etc.

The company developed an extended domestic service partner network ensuring complete coverage of the country, including remote and hard to reach areas and locations of oil, gas and mining industries

Our team has a high level of experience of handling domestic and international projects, including shipments which may require a multi modal logistics solution.

It’s important that we understand your business in detail, how your current supply chain evolved, and what are your objectives. With a clear insight into how you operate we can deliver the solutions best suited to your business.

Our industry professionals, network partners and IT solutions are our main asset providing our clients with cost effective solutions and innovative products.

We stand for operational excellence, anticipating our client’s challenges through understanding of their business and regions in which they operate.

We look at each consignment on a case by case basis. Whether you are working to a budget or simply need to get your cargo somewhere quickly, we offer a bespoke logistical solution every time.

Mistakes cost money in the world of logistics. Trial and error is not an option when valuable cargo and strict timelines are at stake. We are committed to providing a service that gives you the peace of mind to conduct your business safe in the knowledge that your consignment will arrive on time, within budget, and above all safely.

We have built our reputation on customer care, close attention to detail and an insistence on maintaining high standards, meaning that our customers can rely on us to look after their business interests.

We keep our customers abreast of changes and improvements in international logistics services. Our performances are focused on improving your efficiency, finding hidden opportunities in your supply chain, making you more competitive.

We aim to deliver business benefits to our customers through improved efficiency and reduced costs.

We will always focus on the business case to assist you in understanding and defining the benefits of a solution.

We recognise we are part of a fast moving technology driven modern world where traditional working hours are no longer the norm. Our clients have direct 24/7 access to their dedicated client care manager so that we can help keep your business ahead of the global competition.

Whilst the technology and scale of our business may have changed, our principles have never wavered. We’re transparent, dependable and environmentally responsible. We believe in lasting partnerships, founded on a shared commitment to quality, value and service.

We’ve always believed that any business has a responsibility to those its activities affect — directly or indirectly.

We continue to learn more about the impact businesses have on the communities and environment around them. So we’ve created a set of self-imposed regulations that keep us focused on sustainable, responsible growth.

We look to our own suppliers for similar commitments, and bear these principles closely in mind in all our procurement and partnership arrangements.

We promote environmental responsibility wherever possible, and encourage the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technologies.

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Moscow Office

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